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Our Mission

Creating connections to make vision become reality

What we Do

Jerusalem Hub is a multi-faceted international business networking and consulting firm based out of Jerusalem, Israel. We are here to help you navigate through the stressful and confusing process of building a business. We pride ourselves on our personalized approach to helping each and every client. After years of experience working in business development, finance, and sales, we are looking to pass on our knowledge to others.

If you have questions regarding technology, networking, or funding, we’ve got you covered! We have something for everyone, at any stage of the business development process.

Meet the Team

Aharon Mendlowitz

Aharon has a strong technical background as well as a well-rounded grasp of marketing. He is always two steps ahead in the digital market and is currently heading marketing and business development at Jerusalem Hub.

Shalom Makowitz

Shalom is a highly motivated former soldier and alumnus of Machon Lev. His motivation and dedication to success have led him to head of media production and development at Jerusalem hub.

Our Values