Do you capitalize on your strengths?

My #1 Rule for Entrepreneurs to live by?

'Know Thy Strengths'. The reason why some wildly succeed beyond anyone could imagine, and most fail, fading away into the depths of history and businesses that once were, is this. 

So simple, so cardinal, and yet unbelievably neglected by many. 

What is the heart of this knowledge, from where does one learn their own strengths? I do not refer to average knowledge of self, I'm talking about the kind of knowing that comes from research. Hard, cold, and real, data. 

What do I mean?

There are basics that many people are familiar with, but that people don’t always consider when making a career decision. For example, most people have a pretty good idea if they are more introverted or extroverted. Have they chosen to run their day in a way that honors their nature? If you’re an extrovert, you want to spend a large portion of your day with others, or you will find yourself with a strong urge to socialize after work. If you’re more introverted, and you’re spending too much of your day in the company of others, even if they are people you like, you will crave quite and alone time at the end of your work day. Either way, if you’re not meeting your natural needs, you will pay the score. Your body will make sure of it. By sitting on the couch for an hour at the end of the day, or spending your evenings spending money on entertainment, you’re naturally wired to meet your need.

How’s your rate of Idea Flow?

Do you think of ideas like a gushing fast-moving waterfall, or is your pace more of a leaky faucet, one little precious dribble at a time? If you can’t stop those wild, crazy, and sometimes amazing ideas from flowing from your head straight out your lips to the nearest unsuspecting human, you’re someone with high rate of Idea Flow. Does your work challenge you to constantly come up with new ideas? If it takes months for you to formulate what might be the idea of the century, does your job meet that level? Or do you feel pressured to think faster, when that’s just not the way your brain operates.


Do you know your personality type? If not stop, grab this link, and RUN to this page to find out what yours is. Of course, working with a certified Coach is a great idea, and can help you ascertain that you’re results are accurate, but this is a great starting point. There are a variety of similar personality tests, many of which are useful. The point I find in using them is not in making a Career decision, but in being validated and comfortable with the parts of your personality that define you. Being aware of how you make decisions, process new information, and the way you organize can be extremely helpful tools in daily personal and work life. Showing your report to family and friends will probably result in very happy people, who can finally get a clear picture, on paper, of what it is that makes you act the way you do.

These are just a few suggestions. Being in tune with yourself, your skills, your personality, and all the complex parts that make the amazing human that you are deserve your attention. Once you get to know yourself like you do a good friend, you’ll be amazed at how you can put your strengths to work, and your weaknesses to sleep. Focus on your power, and watch them turn into the superpowers you always knew you had.

Shaina Keren is a NY based Career Coach who helps individuals and businesses spend time doing what they do best. 845.323.2644