Jerusalem: Fast track to hightech

 The High-speed train 

The High-speed train 

Have you heard?!

The modern and ever-advancing State of Israel is currently developing a bullet train that will safely transport commuters between the country’s two major cities: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in an astonishing 28 minutes. 

Aside from the practical benefits, such as a decrease in road traffic, ease of access for tourists and citizens alike, and an easier work commute, what does uniting these two diverse and completely different cities truly mean for the Jewish State? 

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To answer this, we must understand what the average Israeli citizen thinks about the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv commute. 

I am 27 years old. I moved to Israel four years ago, on my own, and served in the IDF as a lone soldier. Naturally, when I finished the army at the age of 25, it was all about pursuing my ideal work/life balance. About two years ago, I got an entry level job in Jerusalem working in SEO. When the idea of looking for a new job for the benefit of better pay arose, people would often tell me to consider Tel Aviv as that city hosts a more diverse business district of Israel. 

For reasons of religion and recreation, I chose not to explore that option. I simply prefer to spend my time in Jerusalem. It’s where I feel most comfortable, where my friends and work are located. Going to work in Tel Aviv had never really occurred to me as a viable option.

What does my personal living situation have to do with the new bullet train?

Simple: Tel Aviv, the current business capital of Israel, now has a quick and direct connection to Jerusalem. This will no doubt create new jobs and change the economic landscape of the Holy Land. Jerusalem’s entrance is now turning into a powerhouse business district, connecting the secular Jewry of Tel Aviv with the more religious Jerusalem. This brings two very different worlds together which will further solidify Israel’s status as an economic success story. Jerusalem is at last bursting into the scene of business around the world. 

Israel is already internationally recognized as number one in the fields of medical research, technology, humanitarian aid, and much more. Just imagine how great it will be when Israel’s two largest cities connect. There are endless possibilities.