Talking Through Tech

We are witnessing a very interesting time in the tech age.

Smartphone technology seems to be plateauing. Think about it: no real unique innovation has been added to smartphone technology in several years. The only real advancements have been in improving camera quality and increasing the speed of phone responsiveness.

Applications (‘apps’) have followed the same route: companies have definitely created some some really cool apps providing us with a world of convenience. Social media apps especially dominated the market. But now they all look similar; even the new augmented reality apps don’t stand out as particularly special, at least not yet.

The world seems to be moving further into the hands-free experience. Everyone wants to know  how easily they can get the task done without having to use their hands to type something or scroll through a screen and press a button. Imagine being able to shop online, set appointments, and make phone calls all while feeding your baby a bottle.

Well that time is here! You actually were born with the learnable skill that empowers this convenience. I am speaking of course about voice. You can use your voice to accomplish multitudes of tasks and errands. You can listen to music, change the song while in the shower, realize you are out of shampoo and order from Prime to be delivered almost immediately.  

If you haven’t yet caught on, I am talking about the Amazon Alexa.

I actually purchased the Dot on the sale just to see how useful this little hockey puck-sized device is. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to set up my Alexa, and just talking to it is so easy and intuitive.

Amazon created a concept called Skills, the equivalent of an app on your phone, but used through dialog with the Alexa system. You don’t press buttons to make things happen, rather you speak key phrases mapped out by the Skill to make what you desire to happen. Set a timer, read a news brief, play blackjack, you name it!

With the innovation of Alexa, it’s clear to me that the tech world is moving to voice, and it is moving there quickly! Voice is just so convenient and time-saving. Multitasking with voice is a whole other dimension of being an efficient human being. Whether you choose Alexa, Google or even Apple, voice will revolutionize your day-to-day experience in life.