Your education sucks

What has happened to the education system?

college degree

Knowledge and skill play a large role in determining our life’s direction. There is no question in my mind that we must learn from others in order to be successful. Whether you are selling lemonade or building bridges, in order to claim expertise, you must be willing to apply yourself to learning.

Take a moment and think to yourself: how many people do I know that went to school for several years and graduated with fancy degrees. Then, when they’re ready to enter the work force, life throws them a curveball: college never taught them the basics, such as how to pay bills or balance a checkbook. I myself was never taught how the credit card system worked, or how to network and connect with people in professional fields; these were skills I taught myself. Surprisingly often, many college graduates don’t even work in their field of study! 

Degrees, mere pieces of paper, and whatever universities are peddling, are not helpful and aren’t even teaching the right information to be successful in life.

Crazy to believe, but 44 million borrowers in the United States alone are going into long-standing debt in order to get an education that they hope they’ll be able to pay off over a minimal number of years after graduation. That statistic is scary, considering so many people aren’t learning anything practical or even using their degree. 

What is even more sickening is that these 44 million people have accrued over 1.3 trillion dollars in debt! 

Consequently, the internet offers a vast pool of information. On YouTube alone, you can find millions of videos with content on almost any topic, and even actual university classes! Essentially, one can put together a full curriculum on how to make iPhone apps based on the information provided online, and come out way more experienced than someone who graduated with full honors in computer programming.

One of the greater missions of Jerusalem Hub is to provide free education on all topics, especially those crucial to the practical side of every day life, such as the banking system or networking. We want to provide you with the relevant tools and knowledge to accomplish anything you set your mind to!