Why Market Research is important | EP 21

This week is part 2 of our series on business development. We discuss the mechanics of market research and why it is crucial as part of your business plan.

Introduction [0:18]
We are doing a series on how to start a business: [0:50]
Motivational quote about market research[1:50]
What is market research market research? [3:00] 
Collecting primary research can include [10:15]
Important questions you should ask yourself [14:30]
Other kinds of research are, “The 4 P’s” [16:00]
The Philosophical side of market research [29:00]
This is the next step in your journey of your idea  [33:00]
common marketing research mistakes [39:36]
“get out of your comfort zone challenge” [41:30]
Outro [42:30]

What is the big idea? EP 20

This week on the Jerusalem Hub Podcast, We begin our business building series. We discuss all about the idea. That spark of initial thought that will ignite your business. 

  1. Introduction [00:22]

  2. Let's reflect on 20 episodes for a bit [1:12]

  3. The biz conference [2:51]

  4. We are doing a series on how to start a business:[7:37]

  5. “The idea” - [7:57]

  6. What is a good idea vs a bad idea [10:07]

  7. Surround yourself around positive reinforcement/the right people [13:22]

  8. Types people who pursue success [24:15]

  9. Struggling to achieve greatness [27:43]

  10. Tips for pursuing your idea [28:57]

  11. At the end of the day what is an idea? [29:28]

  12. Our personal ideas [31:13]

  13. Stick to your rituals [34:24]

  14. Don’t be discouraged by the setbacks [35:05]

  15. Summing up on how to pursue your idea [38:12]

  16. Our challenge to you [39:13]

  17. Outro [40:35]

How to crush it at a business conference | Ep 19

This week we talk about the right practices, and strategies to be successful and totally crush it at your next business conference.

Intro (1:28)
 How do you prepare for a business conference? (1:56)
What are the goals you want from the conference? (3:06)
how to approach/introduce yourself without coming off creepy? (5:30)
What are good ice breakers at conferences? (13:38)
How do you keep in contact with people? (19:40)
 What have we done in the past that has worked and not worked? (24:33)
How do you become better at networking? (31:30)
Question of the week - What it means to search for an answer instead of taking yes, no  or someone else's opinion? (34:50)
Challenge to the audience “get out of your comfort zone challenge” (43:02)
Outro (45:56)

The Value of Creativity and Resourcefulness | EP 18

This week we go into depth about creativity innovation and what it means to be resourceful.

Introduction- 1:00
What does it take to be creative?- 2:00
Change travel-3:09
History of airplanes- 4:20
What does it mean to be creative- 5:40
Do think that is difficult to be creative- 7:40
Facebook- 9:40
There’s no such thing as a bad Idea- 13:50
You gotta start simple- 14:35
Make it accessible- 17:25
Go for everyone or a niche- 18:52
Good Marketing strategy VS. a weak Strategy- 20:58
Keep it simple and stupid-26:45
Creativity in the real world-28:35
Instant messaging :33:50
Value of creativity have in the economy-35:30
Being resourceful- 37:45
Why it’s so hard to be resourceful- 42:15
Resourcefulness is a skill-44:00
Fake being an expert- 44:50
How to become resourceful-46:50
Order of operations-48:10
Why taking other people's advice is bad- 58:49
How to get to the promised land-59:49
Jerusalem post-1:00:20
JHub Mastermind group-1:03:00
motivation/ closing the podcast -1:04:00

Thanks for watching!

Is todays education system broken? | EP 17

This week we discuss the current education system. How it affects us, and its practicality.

Intro [0:39]
The Education question  [1:37]
Why do people say that education is outdated? [2:13]
Creativity is rewarding these days [8:03]
Learning arbitrary facts vs critical thinking [12:00]
What a “learning disability” really is! [16:15]
What would you change about the education system? [27:00]
What have we learned from our own education? [38:00]
Bezos vs musk in current affaris [41:31]
Ubereats [45:00]
Books [46:25]
How do you keep on keepin on [49:14]

Out of your comfort zone challenge [52:55]
Outro [54:00]

Innovation, Invention, and Commercialization | EP 16

This week we discuss about what it takes to be a leader. The innovation revolution and starting a business idea. Keeping your mindset right and a special challenge.


  1. 0:36 intro

  2. 1:46 the importance of leadership

  3. 3:50 Hockey and leadership

  4. 16:23 How materials force your positive mindset

  5. 18:30 Innovation = Invention X commercialization

  6. 21:20 Current Affairs

  7. 26:12 Uncut and from the heart

  8. 33:44 Books

  9. 47:13 Habits Of an entrepreneur

  10. 53:34 LOA- Positive consequences of maintaining the right mindset

  11. 58:09 Our Challenge for you

  12. 59:27 Outro

The Passion & Warfare of an Entrepreneur | Episode 15

This week we talk about the passion it takes to keep hustling as an entrepreneur. The wars and battles entrepreneurs and businesses face and conquer. And we talk about our awesome interview with Ofer Berkovitch, the up and coming Mayor of Jerusalem.

Intro [0:41]
The purpose of the podcast [0:51]
What do you think it takes to keep the drive and to keep going when things get tough? [1:10]
Keeping yourself busy
Keep yourself organized
What do you think are signs that you are heading in the right direction? [15:46]
Quality problems  
Current affairs in the business world [33:17]
We had an interview today with ofer berkovitch
Uncut and from the heart
Making moves and not afraid
LOA (Law of Attraction) [53:00]
A little motivation [1:07:05]  
Challenge to the audience “get out of your comfort zone challenge” [1:09:32]
Outro [1:09:55]

Remove the lens, drop out of college, and get acquired by Nike | Episode 14

This week we dig deep, talk about getting real with yourself and building businesses.

Intro [0:45] 
The purpose of the podcast [0:55]
This week [1:20]
As far as this week is concerned we are 10xing it all
Grinding in a big way
Getting prepared for the next three months
What are the first things we think people need to know in order to start a business [6:45]  
The  idea
Market research
What needs to be done first
A doc that explains what you want to do
Business plan
Phase plan  
Get the tough and annoying stuff out of the way
Contracts agreements
Grind grind grind
Current affairs in the business world [31:30]
Nike acquired a company from tlv
Uncut and from the heart [37:40]
What books have we read/ number we are up to [47:50]
Crushing it!
Think And Grow Rich
Yaron- financial intelligence
Aaron- Think And Grow Rich  
LOA (Law of Attraction) [1:04:35]
A little motivation  [1:10:30]
“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar
Challenge to the audience “get out of your comfort zone challenge” [1:14:40]
Please hit that like button, and please subscribe and comment it helps us out a lot because we want to hear from you tune in next week as we have the potential next mayor of jerusalem on as a guest on our podcast! [1:15:08]

Google Accelerator Program & More Big Moves | Episode 13

This week we discuss important meetings, googles accelerator program, and important big moves.


  1. Intro [0:00  ]

  2. The purpose of the podcast [ 0:27 ]

  3. Run through meeting  [1:19 ]

    1. We had some new meetings

    2. Helping some new clients with their business development in their early stages

    3. Working on agreement write ups for future deals

    4. We sat down and started working on our own fee agreements

      1. Things are moving forward and we are monetizing our effort baby!

    5. We are looking for cyber security startups, agricultural tech and cannabis research...if you have any leads…

    6. We sat with yarons father and we spoke about how we need to enhance our relationships with our clients startups and VC’s alike

      1. Sales

      2. How to talk on the phone

    7. Figure out a way to make sure there is work getting done all of the time

  4. Current affairs in the business world [6:35 ]

    1. Tlv hosting google's new startup accelerator

  5. Uncut and from the heart  [ 9:58 ]

    1. Finally learning what it means to put in the real extra hours of work to build a dream

    2. The way the business has shifted and we’re so close to major moves happening

    3. We’re starting to monetize and the summer vibes are giving us an extra serge of energy

  6. LOA (Law of Attraction)  [18:33]

  7. Habits of an entreprenuer/productive person  [31:34 ]

  8. What books have we read  [ 37:12 ]

  9. Hitting that mode of “I dont care anymore I’m just going to do whatever it takes to make this work”

    1. Envisioning the success

    2. Feeling the shift as it happens

    3. Understanding the seasons

    4. Our language has changed as well which i think is highly important

  10. Questions/comments from audience  [ 46:03 ]

  11. A little motivation [47:17]


Interns, Scent Tech, & LOA | Episode 12

This week we introduce our first intern. We talk about new emerging technology, and exploring the law of attraction.

Intro music [0:12]
Shalom introduces [0:43]
Guest interview [1:20]
Our guest is number 5 of the Jhub team Gary Waller
3 months since this journey has started [13:38]
Look how far we’ve come
Run through meeting [21:32]
Passover is here!
We did spring cleaning and we are coming out with a whole new perspective
Because of the our “Spring Forward” we started brainstorming in so many new ways and are coming up with way to evolve our business
We learned something new about dealing with a VC and a potential deal
Must have a patent
And a prototype
If you have anything that you are working on you must must must do your due diligence and be as prepared as possible and that means putting in the work
We have a new part to our podcast we call it our podcast 2 [30:47]
We had a meeting with a law firm about a potential business partnership and the momentum kind of shifted into this motivated excitement when we whooped out a camera and did a short interview with them about startups and legal advice. 
If anyone out there knows about Agro tech and cannabis research as well as any lawyers that are in touch with VC’s we have some exciting startups that are looking for funding so please get in touch with us at aaron@jerusalemhub.com
Current affairs in the business world [35:40]
 Israeli construction giant teams up with startup to build smart cranes
Apps that use scent
Uncut and from the heart [39:05]
How our organization has changed towards our goals and how we develop as a business
We are now doing more...to reach our goals
How’d we feel about it:
We came up with a bunch of new ways to optimize and build our business for the future
(Newest section of this podcast)Habits of an entrepreneur/productive person [43:32]
What kind of habits do you guys think are good?
Shalom- Live your life the way you want it/make your bed
Yaron - meditation
Aaron -envision what you want to be
(Another new section of our podcast) LOA (Law of Attraction) [46:05]
Let's talk LOA so that we can understand how to implement it in our lives
As well as for those who are listening if you have any question or testimonials to share with us this is a new section that we will continue to discuss throughout, believe it or not this is important stuff!
What books have we read [54:50]
Shalom - 4 hour work week
Jaron - 10X rule
Aaron -  Think and grow rich
Questions/comments from audience [56:14]
A little motivation [58:00]

Conquering fear, Real Estate & the art of getting NO | Episode 11

This week we talk about destroying fears, building real estate portfolios and why getting used to getting a 'NO' is a key to your success.

Get two free audiobooks at https://jerusalemhub.com/books

intro [0:30]
The purpose of the podcast [0:48]
We have two new team members Jhub welcomes [1:30]
Yehuda - blogging/content writer
Gary waller- web developer
Web of income [4:28]
We are implementing the 4 hour work week
Optimization [6:00]
As far as our productivity is  going we have decided to meet and work together more often throughout the week
Also building our relationship on a personal level so that we can work together on a much greater level
Looking for agro tech and cannabis research [9:45]
If anyone out there is developing anything please let us know
Current affairs in the business world GUEST [12:08]
Tell us about recruiting [13:50]
What is the most important factor to implement for a job interview
Real estate investments [19:50] 
Uncut and from the heart [32:28]
the momentum is shifting
We hit a plateau but things are beginning to take shape
we have been scared to make money and that has been keeping us behind
Value of momentum
Jhubs 4 corner stones to success [39:40]
What books have we read [49:30]
Shalom -10x rule
Subtle art of not giving a f*ck
10x rule
Aaron- naked statistics
Check out our brand new page of books we’ve recommended with a short description of what they are about
Questions/comments from audience [52:56]
A little motivation [1:02:55] 
Challenge to the audience “get out of your comfort zone challenge” [1:04:00]
Reach out to us “we want to shout you out!”

Alexa Skills, Meditation & Tech Hubs | Episode X

We discuss our new Alexa Skill, how meditation can help you, and other fun updates in the world of tech.

Intro 0:10
Its episode 10! 0:35
Shout out and mazel tov to moshe epstein on having a baby boy!!! 0:50
 Run through meeting 2:35
We got a lot of great responses form our last episode so we want to ask the jhub nation what they would like us to talk about
Mini projects
Money money money
The blasting continues
I think it's time to start planning our next event
We are an Alexa Skill!!!
Current affairs in the business world 31:50
Uncut and from the heart 36:52
What is something that you would do to make israel a better place?Start a project and stick to it
Yossi polski mentioned after listening to last weeks podcast that he likes to write a daily journal to keep himself motivated and moving.
Our journey so far -”what is going through your heads”
What is something that you can improve right now?
What books have we read 51:20
A little motivation  57:10
Aaron sent this to us on a late thursday night
“You are unstoppable. Not because you never have failures or doubts, but because you continue on despite them.”
Questions/comments from audience 59:10

Digging Deep & Optimizing a Business | Episode 9

In this weeks episode we dig deep into our own business and motives. We get personal and discuss what is working and what is not working. 

Intro 0:30
The purpose of the podcast 1:00
What we’ve been up too:  1:30
We are on a lot of hush hush behind the scenes stuff
Focusing on building our brand more and producing more content because that's where the money is really at
How did we get here? (uncut from the heart) 10:30
Our journey

Our tips for you to start building your mental focus/ consistency /dedication 36:05
Learn new things
Write a list
Wake up early
Make your bed
Push your limits 

A little motivation 53:20

Successes And Failures | Episode 8

This week we discuss our successes and micro failures. What we have learned up until now and how we are going to grow. Cool tech updates with Apple and some more motivation.

Intro [0:36]
Shalom introduces [0:55]
The purpose of the podcast [1:20]
Our event [2:13]
How do you think it went?
What did we learn?
Who did we meet?
What could we have done differently?
Jpost came
We are working on our secret project… [12:25]
It’s time to make some money “show me the money!!!” [13:08]
Had a meeting with a catering company [14:00]
Current affairs in the business world [21:15]
books have we read  [26:25]
weekly motivation  [32:20]
Challenge to the audience “get out of your comfort zone challenge” [40:45]

Cyber Security and Chinese Mega-projects | Episode 7

This week we are live from Mike's Place in Jerusalem talking about cyber security, Chinese mega projects and more. With special guests.

Intro [0:40]
Interview with intern [1:30]
The event is tonight! [2:35]
We are going to be recording at the event
Meeting with the cyber security company looking for investors [3:55]
Meeting with the CRM people [8:55]
Current affairs (guest: Yehoshua Pacht)
All about chinese mega projects [11:35]
Books [17:42]
Social media questions [22:30]
Motivation [26:25]
Yehuda shout out how the podcast helped him out [28:30]

Talk about self branding and social media marketing (live feed) [38:29]
Importance of marketing on the internet
Aka new age entrepreneur
Make sure you  are on all major social media outlets [38:40]
Just start. We arent pushing our project its now pulling us [45:05]
 Questions [48:30]

Venture Capital and Space X | Episode 6

In this weeks episode we talked about the legal parts of business. How to meet with a Venture Capital. What is going on with Space X and Space travel.

Intro [0:30]
Description of podcast  [1:05]
  Congrats to my team the Judean Rebels for clinching the second
  seed and getting a bye week in the playoffs it was a comeback victory 1:25
Mati meeting (accountant) 2:03
  Startup you pay 6% income tax
  Service provider. Up to 25% income tax
  V.A.T tax 17%
Event coming up on Thursday the 20th 10:38
VC meetings [11:45]
  JHUB rules for meeting with a VC
    1. Do your homework
    2. Know what you’re talking about
    3. Never say more than needs to be said
    4. Take notes
    5. Know your team and make sure you know who's heading the call
        or meeting
    6. Follow up
We got some surprises you don't want to miss [28:21]
Current affairs [33:01]
  Space X
Books we have read [39:07]
  Shalom- The Personal MBA
  Jaron- Practice Perfect
  Aaron- Naked statistics, Crushing it!
Social media questions [43:43]
Weekly motivation [50:25]
  “It’s not that you get whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you
  get up.” -Vince Lombardi
  “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, 
   you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” -Steve Jobs
Challenge to the audience [59:18]

Finance and VR | Episode 5

Recap of the Ourcrowd summit, a little about investing and VR.

  • Ourcrowd summit - 1:46
  • Sat with over 10 companies - 13:46
  • Upcoming interviews - 17:30
  • VR - 21:18
  • System of accountability -23:23 
  • Event at mikes place - 29:27
  • Current affairs - 32:00
  • Books -37:00
  • Social media questions - 44:30 
  • Motivation - 46:20
  • Challenge - 50:22
  • Outro - 52:30

The Art of Marketing and Growth | Episode 4

This week we spoke about upcoming events. Becoming a more efficient business model. Important tips on marketing with Instagram and hashtags.

  • Intro 0:25
  • The spirit walk that gave us clarity 1:25
  • The Herzliya biz conference 5:40
  • Ourcrowd global investor summit (how we are going to stand out) 7:40
  • Made in JLM contacted us! 11:30
  • Stand with us (our secret project) 12:30
  • Our upcoming meeting with Mati (small business association) 14:45
  • What's happening with our next event? 17:48
  • Emails and following up 19:00
  • Inputing a CRM and streamlining our follow up capabilities 23:00
  • Creating a System of accountability to maximize our efficiency 27:56
  • Hashtags: A key to successful marketing 29:28
  • Alexa skills, what are they? 38:40
  • What we read this week 43:00
  • Answering social media questions 47:35
  • Weekly motivation 55:45
  • Social media challenge 58:28

Startups, Blockchain and more | Episode 3

In this weeks episode of the Jerusalem Hub audio experience we discuss:


  • Jerusalem Hub’s first Power networking event at power coffee works 0:51

  • How we are going to market ourselves at the Ourcrowd investor summit 2:30

  • Our SEO growth strategy 7:05

  • The beginnings of the Jerusalem Hub System manual (everyone gets the same burger) 9:20

  • Increasing our blog content list 13:00

  • The meeting with our new client/partner “Pitched” 15:15

  • Looking for Interns (our recruiting process) 17:50

  • The meeting with our new client/partner “Homey talk” 22:10

  • Current events in the business business world 23:40

    • What is ICO (initial coin offering)

    • Block chain

    • Cryptocurrency/bitcoin

  • Our next event 32:55

  • How do we self educate? Jerusalem Hub book recommendations 38:03

  • Addressing our listeners social media questions/comments 43:00

  • A quick motivation for the day 47:00

Networking & Angel Partners | Episode 2

Another week of exciting news and updating our business. What is Jerusalem Hub all about.

  1. Intro [0:10]

  2. Email template [1:10]

  3. Power Networking event [3:58]

  4. Social media posts [8:30]

    1. stumbleupon

    2. powerposting

    3. Relevant content

  5. Angel partners [18:30]

  6. Website [24:30]

  7. How we will organize event [29:00]

  8. Books [35:45]

  9. Questions [39:00]