Alexa Skills, Meditation & Tech Hubs | Episode X

We discuss our new Alexa Skill, how meditation can help you, and other fun updates in the world of tech.

Intro 0:10
Its episode 10! 0:35
Shout out and mazel tov to moshe epstein on having a baby boy!!! 0:50
 Run through meeting 2:35
We got a lot of great responses form our last episode so we want to ask the jhub nation what they would like us to talk about
Mini projects
Money money money
The blasting continues
I think it's time to start planning our next event
We are an Alexa Skill!!!
Current affairs in the business world 31:50
Uncut and from the heart 36:52
What is something that you would do to make israel a better place?Start a project and stick to it
Yossi polski mentioned after listening to last weeks podcast that he likes to write a daily journal to keep himself motivated and moving.
Our journey so far -”what is going through your heads”
What is something that you can improve right now?
What books have we read 51:20
A little motivation  57:10
Aaron sent this to us on a late thursday night
“You are unstoppable. Not because you never have failures or doubts, but because you continue on despite them.”
Questions/comments from audience 59:10