Conquering fear, Real Estate & the art of getting NO | Episode 11

This week we talk about destroying fears, building real estate portfolios and why getting used to getting a 'NO' is a key to your success.

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intro [0:30]
The purpose of the podcast [0:48]
We have two new team members Jhub welcomes [1:30]
Yehuda - blogging/content writer
Gary waller- web developer
Web of income [4:28]
We are implementing the 4 hour work week
Optimization [6:00]
As far as our productivity is  going we have decided to meet and work together more often throughout the week
Also building our relationship on a personal level so that we can work together on a much greater level
Looking for agro tech and cannabis research [9:45]
If anyone out there is developing anything please let us know
Current affairs in the business world GUEST [12:08]
Tell us about recruiting [13:50]
What is the most important factor to implement for a job interview
Real estate investments [19:50] 
Uncut and from the heart [32:28]
the momentum is shifting
We hit a plateau but things are beginning to take shape
we have been scared to make money and that has been keeping us behind
Value of momentum
Jhubs 4 corner stones to success [39:40]
What books have we read [49:30]
Shalom -10x rule
Subtle art of not giving a f*ck
10x rule
Aaron- naked statistics
Check out our brand new page of books we’ve recommended with a short description of what they are about
Questions/comments from audience [52:56]
A little motivation [1:02:55] 
Challenge to the audience “get out of your comfort zone challenge” [1:04:00]
Reach out to us “we want to shout you out!”