Cyber Security and Chinese Mega-projects | Episode 7

This week we are live from Mike's Place in Jerusalem talking about cyber security, Chinese mega projects and more. With special guests.

Intro [0:40]
Interview with intern [1:30]
The event is tonight! [2:35]
We are going to be recording at the event
Meeting with the cyber security company looking for investors [3:55]
Meeting with the CRM people [8:55]
Current affairs (guest: Yehoshua Pacht)
All about chinese mega projects [11:35]
Books [17:42]
Social media questions [22:30]
Motivation [26:25]
Yehuda shout out how the podcast helped him out [28:30]

Talk about self branding and social media marketing (live feed) [38:29]
Importance of marketing on the internet
Aka new age entrepreneur
Make sure you  are on all major social media outlets [38:40]
Just start. We arent pushing our project its now pulling us [45:05]
 Questions [48:30]