Google Accelerator Program & More Big Moves | Episode 13

This week we discuss important meetings, googles accelerator program, and important big moves.


  1. Intro [0:00  ]

  2. The purpose of the podcast [ 0:27 ]

  3. Run through meeting  [1:19 ]

    1. We had some new meetings

    2. Helping some new clients with their business development in their early stages

    3. Working on agreement write ups for future deals

    4. We sat down and started working on our own fee agreements

      1. Things are moving forward and we are monetizing our effort baby!

    5. We are looking for cyber security startups, agricultural tech and cannabis research...if you have any leads…

    6. We sat with yarons father and we spoke about how we need to enhance our relationships with our clients startups and VC’s alike

      1. Sales

      2. How to talk on the phone

    7. Figure out a way to make sure there is work getting done all of the time

  4. Current affairs in the business world [6:35 ]

    1. Tlv hosting google's new startup accelerator

  5. Uncut and from the heart  [ 9:58 ]

    1. Finally learning what it means to put in the real extra hours of work to build a dream

    2. The way the business has shifted and we’re so close to major moves happening

    3. We’re starting to monetize and the summer vibes are giving us an extra serge of energy

  6. LOA (Law of Attraction)  [18:33]

  7. Habits of an entreprenuer/productive person  [31:34 ]

  8. What books have we read  [ 37:12 ]

  9. Hitting that mode of “I dont care anymore I’m just going to do whatever it takes to make this work”

    1. Envisioning the success

    2. Feeling the shift as it happens

    3. Understanding the seasons

    4. Our language has changed as well which i think is highly important

  10. Questions/comments from audience  [ 46:03 ]

  11. A little motivation [47:17]