How to crush it at a business conference | Ep 19

This week we talk about the right practices, and strategies to be successful and totally crush it at your next business conference.

Intro (1:28)
 How do you prepare for a business conference? (1:56)
What are the goals you want from the conference? (3:06)
how to approach/introduce yourself without coming off creepy? (5:30)
What are good ice breakers at conferences? (13:38)
How do you keep in contact with people? (19:40)
 What have we done in the past that has worked and not worked? (24:33)
How do you become better at networking? (31:30)
Question of the week - What it means to search for an answer instead of taking yes, no  or someone else's opinion? (34:50)
Challenge to the audience “get out of your comfort zone challenge” (43:02)
Outro (45:56)