Interns, Scent Tech, & LOA | Episode 12

This week we introduce our first intern. We talk about new emerging technology, and exploring the law of attraction.

Intro music [0:12]
Shalom introduces [0:43]
Guest interview [1:20]
Our guest is number 5 of the Jhub team Gary Waller
3 months since this journey has started [13:38]
Look how far we’ve come
Run through meeting [21:32]
Passover is here!
We did spring cleaning and we are coming out with a whole new perspective
Because of the our “Spring Forward” we started brainstorming in so many new ways and are coming up with way to evolve our business
We learned something new about dealing with a VC and a potential deal
Must have a patent
And a prototype
If you have anything that you are working on you must must must do your due diligence and be as prepared as possible and that means putting in the work
We have a new part to our podcast we call it our podcast 2 [30:47]
We had a meeting with a law firm about a potential business partnership and the momentum kind of shifted into this motivated excitement when we whooped out a camera and did a short interview with them about startups and legal advice. 
If anyone out there knows about Agro tech and cannabis research as well as any lawyers that are in touch with VC’s we have some exciting startups that are looking for funding so please get in touch with us at
Current affairs in the business world [35:40]
 Israeli construction giant teams up with startup to build smart cranes
Apps that use scent
Uncut and from the heart [39:05]
How our organization has changed towards our goals and how we develop as a business
We are now doing reach our goals
How’d we feel about it:
We came up with a bunch of new ways to optimize and build our business for the future
(Newest section of this podcast)Habits of an entrepreneur/productive person [43:32]
What kind of habits do you guys think are good?
Shalom- Live your life the way you want it/make your bed
Yaron - meditation
Aaron -envision what you want to be
(Another new section of our podcast) LOA (Law of Attraction) [46:05]
Let's talk LOA so that we can understand how to implement it in our lives
As well as for those who are listening if you have any question or testimonials to share with us this is a new section that we will continue to discuss throughout, believe it or not this is important stuff!
What books have we read [54:50]
Shalom - 4 hour work week
Jaron - 10X rule
Aaron -  Think and grow rich
Questions/comments from audience [56:14]
A little motivation [58:00]