Is todays education system broken? | EP 17

This week we discuss the current education system. How it affects us, and its practicality.

Intro [0:39]
The Education question  [1:37]
Why do people say that education is outdated? [2:13]
Creativity is rewarding these days [8:03]
Learning arbitrary facts vs critical thinking [12:00]
What a “learning disability” really is! [16:15]
What would you change about the education system? [27:00]
What have we learned from our own education? [38:00]
Bezos vs musk in current affaris [41:31]
Ubereats [45:00]
Books [46:25]
How do you keep on keepin on [49:14]

Out of your comfort zone challenge [52:55]
Outro [54:00]