Remove the lens, drop out of college, and get acquired by Nike | Episode 14

This week we dig deep, talk about getting real with yourself and building businesses.

Intro [0:45] 
The purpose of the podcast [0:55]
This week [1:20]
As far as this week is concerned we are 10xing it all
Grinding in a big way
Getting prepared for the next three months
What are the first things we think people need to know in order to start a business [6:45]  
The  idea
Market research
What needs to be done first
A doc that explains what you want to do
Business plan
Phase plan  
Get the tough and annoying stuff out of the way
Contracts agreements
Grind grind grind
Current affairs in the business world [31:30]
Nike acquired a company from tlv
Uncut and from the heart [37:40]
What books have we read/ number we are up to [47:50]
Crushing it!
Think And Grow Rich
Yaron- financial intelligence
Aaron- Think And Grow Rich  
LOA (Law of Attraction) [1:04:35]
A little motivation  [1:10:30]
“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar
Challenge to the audience “get out of your comfort zone challenge” [1:14:40]
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