Successes And Failures | Episode 8

This week we discuss our successes and micro failures. What we have learned up until now and how we are going to grow. Cool tech updates with Apple and some more motivation.

Intro [0:36]
Shalom introduces [0:55]
The purpose of the podcast [1:20]
Our event [2:13]
How do you think it went?
What did we learn?
Who did we meet?
What could we have done differently?
Jpost came
We are working on our secret project… [12:25]
It’s time to make some money “show me the money!!!” [13:08]
Had a meeting with a catering company [14:00]
Current affairs in the business world [21:15]
books have we read  [26:25]
weekly motivation  [32:20]
Challenge to the audience “get out of your comfort zone challenge” [40:45]