The Passion & Warfare of an Entrepreneur | Episode 15

This week we talk about the passion it takes to keep hustling as an entrepreneur. The wars and battles entrepreneurs and businesses face and conquer. And we talk about our awesome interview with Ofer Berkovitch, the up and coming Mayor of Jerusalem.

Intro [0:41]
The purpose of the podcast [0:51]
What do you think it takes to keep the drive and to keep going when things get tough? [1:10]
Keeping yourself busy
Keep yourself organized
What do you think are signs that you are heading in the right direction? [15:46]
Quality problems  
Current affairs in the business world [33:17]
We had an interview today with ofer berkovitch
Uncut and from the heart
Making moves and not afraid
LOA (Law of Attraction) [53:00]
A little motivation [1:07:05]  
Challenge to the audience “get out of your comfort zone challenge” [1:09:32]
Outro [1:09:55]