The Value of Creativity and Resourcefulness | EP 18

This week we go into depth about creativity innovation and what it means to be resourceful.

Introduction- 1:00
What does it take to be creative?- 2:00
Change travel-3:09
History of airplanes- 4:20
What does it mean to be creative- 5:40
Do think that is difficult to be creative- 7:40
Facebook- 9:40
There’s no such thing as a bad Idea- 13:50
You gotta start simple- 14:35
Make it accessible- 17:25
Go for everyone or a niche- 18:52
Good Marketing strategy VS. a weak Strategy- 20:58
Keep it simple and stupid-26:45
Creativity in the real world-28:35
Instant messaging :33:50
Value of creativity have in the economy-35:30
Being resourceful- 37:45
Why it’s so hard to be resourceful- 42:15
Resourcefulness is a skill-44:00
Fake being an expert- 44:50
How to become resourceful-46:50
Order of operations-48:10
Why taking other people's advice is bad- 58:49
How to get to the promised land-59:49
Jerusalem post-1:00:20
JHub Mastermind group-1:03:00
motivation/ closing the podcast -1:04:00

Thanks for watching!