Why Market Research is important | EP 21

This week is part 2 of our series on business development. We discuss the mechanics of market research and why it is crucial as part of your business plan.

Introduction [0:18]
We are doing a series on how to start a business: [0:50]
Motivational quote about market research[1:50]
What is market research market research? [3:00] 
Collecting primary research can include [10:15]
Important questions you should ask yourself [14:30]
Other kinds of research are, “The 4 P’s” [16:00]
The Philosophical side of market research [29:00]
This is the next step in your journey of your idea  [33:00]
common marketing research mistakes [39:36]
“get out of your comfort zone challenge” [41:30]
Outro [42:30]