Our Mission

If you are anything like the founders of this company, then you know that starting a business in the startup field takes motivation, dedication and necessary failure.

The reality is that close to 90% of new businesses fail within their first five years. This is mostly due to lack of funding, a weak business plan, or even an absence of proper education in the relevant subject(s).  

Jerusalem Hub’s solutions to these problems are:

1. Provide the most comprehensive Network of entrepreneurs

2. Provide you with free content for a better business education

3. Provide you with business strategy services

Jerusalem Hub is the one-stop-shop for business success. Become a partner and enjoy being in the 10% that make it!

Who We Are

 Aaron Mendlowitz - CEO

Aaron Mendlowitz - CEO

 Shalom Makowitz - COO

Shalom Makowitz - COO

What we do

Jerusalem Hub is a multi faceted international business networking and consulting company based out of Jerusalem, Israel. We are built on one of the most important of human values… Giving. Our first and foremost goal is to provide to our community by growing our worldwide network so that investors and entrepreneurs can easily connect. In addition, we offer an array of free business education opportunities by sharing valuable business content on our social media pages and website. Are you a startup or a business? We have a department dedicated to MVP, app/website and business strategy development. Or, if you need a boost in marketing, we have a professional team dedicated to the craft of successful social media marketing techniques.